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Empowering The Next Million InnovatorS

Whether you're a fresher, seeking a career switch, or aiming to innovate, Foundery offers a perfect course. Learn design thinking, UX, and product design to start building your next big idea.

Our Courses


Rapid UX :

8 Hours

Mobile App Designers Discussing Wireframe Drafts

Best For Seasoned Design/Product/Tech/Marketing Professionals


Master the essentials of Design thinking & UX design in just 1 day. Perfect for tech professionals looking to quickly enhance their user experience skills.

Key Takeaways:

Learn user research, wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing.


Innovation Accelerator :

2 Weeks

Creative ux designer hands sketching of screens for mobile responsive website development with UI/UX.

Best For Seasoned Design/Product/Tech/Marketing Professionals


Dive deep into innovation methodologies and design thinking principles. Ideal for professionals seeking to drive innovation within their teams.

Key Takeaways:

Develop innovative solutions, foster creativity, and lead successful projects.


Career Catalyst :

6 Weeks

Creative ux designer designing screens for mobile responsive website development with UI/UX. Developing wireframe sketch layout design mockup on smartphone screen.

Best For Seasoned Professionals Looking To Switch To Product/Design Careers


Transition into a design career with comprehensive training in UX/UI design. Best suited for those looking to make a career switch.

Key Takeaways:

Build a strong foundation in design, create compelling portfolios, and get job-ready.


Design Mastery :

12 Weeks

team of UI UX web designer are working together to develop mobile responsive websites. Mobile Mockup

Best For Freshers & Professionals Looking To Switch To UX/UI Careers


Become a design expert with our in-depth program covering advanced topics. Suitable for those committed to mastering design.

Key Takeaways:

Advanced UX/UI techniques, design strategy, and professional mentorship.

Why Foundery?


Expert-Led Courses :

Learn from industry recognized leaders and experienced professionals.


Hands-On Learning :

Get practical experience with real-world projects and challenges.


Career Growth :

Gain hot skills that are in high demand and boost your employability.


Community Support :

Join a vibrant community of like-minded learners and mentors.

We’ve trained


Engineering graduates


Management professionals


App Developers

Meet Our Experts

Vidhya Abhijith

Head - Design Thinking

Vidhya Abhijith, is a Design Thinking leader, a Future 50 Honoree by the Project Management Institute, advancing a vision to make “Everyone a creator”, empowering people with the tools & team to solve problems for the society & the economy.

She comes with over 2 decades of experience as a Product / Design innovator and strongly believes in human centric problem solving. She nudges businesses to approach themselves as an ongoing social experiment & is on a mission to produce the next 1 million creators / self employed professionals & entrepreneurs in India.

Shilpa R Kowshik

UX/UI Design Expert

Shilpa R Kowshik, is a developer turned designer, culture alchemist, a creative thinker who loves providing simple solutions to complex problems. She has built 20+ delightful products & digital experiences, she’s obsessed with details & isn’t satisfied until the designs are intuitive & delightful.

With a goal to make design thinking everyone’s job, she is set out to ignite curiosity & educate more people on human-centric design. She is an explorer for all the possible aspects of design & life & believes that every business she has worked with has opened her up to new horizons of learning.

Success Stories

Transforming Careers, Shaping Futures

Comillas Negras

I didn’t know exactly how an idea is shaped into the product. I used to think, ​designers just randomly design something and we developers get to develop it. ​But I was so wrong. Thanks to the design thinking course, now I know ‘THE WHY ​factor’ behind a design. It helps me confidently develop the features and ​structure my code for flexibility.”


Flutter Developer

“I had theoretical knowledge, but practically …not much. But when the design ​thinking course started, as things progressed, we were in awe of the details that ​go into developing a prototype. We also got to think about revenue constraints, ​time constraints, etc. The DT course helped me get better at ruling out biases, ​and thinking more holistically which of course will help me design better solutions. ​And yeah, it is helping a lot in client communications as well.”


UX/UI Designer

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